Shapeshifter Yoga Review

If you are serious about losing weight and strengthening your muscles but you are not able to keep up with the demands of exercise, then the Shapeshifter Yoga program is just what you need. This unique program relies on yoga alone to accomplish the same kind of body transformation that is usually achieved by high impact exercises, cardio workouts and weight training. After using this program, you will see real, compliment worthy results in as little as seven days!

Shapeshifter Yoga was developed by Kris Fondran, holder of a Masters Degree in Exercise Science and a Yoga practitioner with more than 12 years of experience. Kris, a former runner of long distance marathons, is a leading expert in Yoga and Fitness and has presented her revolutionary program to audiences in many countries including China, Canada, Slovenia, Holland, and all across the United States. You will find articles and features on Kris Fondran in leading publications including Yoga Journal, Cosmopolitan, Shape, and Fitness. Why are we telling you all this? To demonstrate that this system has the benefit of years of experience in its development and that it is not another scam piece created just to deprive you of your money.

Is Shapeshifter Yoga a Scam

What Is This Yoga Program Is All About

Shapeshifter Yoga has the distinction of being a program that can transform your body from flabby to fabulous using only Yoga. If you are already a fitness enthusiast, you will appreciate the difference on fat burning between using high intensity exercises such as jogging, or weight training, and the relatively stress free approach offered by Yoga. You will achieve the same or even better weight loss and fitness results from the methods demonstrated in this system as you would from other workouts, with less stress on joints and muscles.

This is a complete program that will teach you the exact yoga poses that are beneficial to body shaping. Packaged as easily accessible instructional videos, audios and easy to read manuals and wall charts, this program will show you and explain how each yoga pose and series of flows is to be applied. Everything is explained in clear language that does not confuse the user, and is a well illustrated system. In the privacy and comfort of your own home, you can use this yoga program as though you had your very own private Yoga Instructor beside you. The great thing about the Shapeshifter Yoga program also is that you can go at your own pace in a relaxed atmosphere and still achieve noticeable results.

Does Shapeshifter Yoga Works

Benefits you can expect and count on

What about the benefits for persons who are obviously not into fitness? For persons who have never set foot into a gym, the Shapeshifter Yoga is also designed for them. If you are in this category, expect that the clearly laid out and easy to follow system will be just right for you as you will be able to follow along even if you are out of shape and inflexible.

Shapeshifter Yoga will deliver arms that do not jiggle with every move because of flabby muscles, well toned and defined abdominal – yes, those six packs!, firm butts, and strong legs. The way the system works is to condition your muscles while melting fat even from problem areas like the belly, bum, and thighs. You can achieve these results without hurting yourself and enduring unnecessary pain. The Shapeshifter Yoga system emphasizes the benefits of a higher rate of calorie burn compared to other workouts. Indeed, a number of misconceptions about Yoga and its calorie burning abilities have been torn down by the tangible results from Shapeshifter Yoga. Even in the area of weight loss Shapeshifter Yoga has proven to be quite effective. Research has already demonstrated that Yoga practitioners are generally lighter in weight owning to the fact that Cortisol levels (which facilitate stress during activities leading to more eating) are much lower compared to the typical levels experienced during other exercises.

Yoga Benefits

The key thing to expect is that you will love doing your Shapeshifter Yoga routines, as every pose and flow adds fun to your experience. You will also notice that after using this yoga program, you will experience improvement in your energy levels, reduction in stress levels, heightened alertness (less lethargy), improved sleep and even an increased libido. You will genuinely feel great about your body as this yoga system will allow you to maintain a sleek, sexy physique. Both men and women, no matter their ages, will achieve actual success by using this novel yoga program. It is however a good idea that if you have a medical condition, or you feel physically constrained in any way, that you first check in with your doctor.

Along with your purchase of the Shapeshifter Yoga program, you will receive instructional videos that will show you every move that you will need to learn and practice. You will also receive instruction manuals, and wall charts as well as other materials that will assist you in losing weight and increasing your fitness levels. You can also access the program anywhere and anytime on your mobile phone, laptop, tablet, iPods, and your computer through your own dashboard.

Kris Fondran has staked her reputation and experience on this program, and is confident that you will be among the many satisfied users of the Shapeshifter Yoga program. She is sure that this program is the only one you will need to transform your body into a fit and healthy physique. She has helped thousands of other persons with this program and has offered a full 60-day money back guarantee to anyone who may, for any reason be unhappy with their results.

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Yoga as an alternative form of exercise has gained popularity and is being taken seriously in achieving weight loss and muscle building. You do not have to become a member of a gym to benefit from the unique system that helps you to lose weight and tone your figure. Learn more about how Yoga can transform your body in profound ways without the additional stress on your muscles and joints, by visiting the Shapeshifter Yoga website and placing your order while you have the chance.